SFI and TripleClicks Review

Product Name: SFI (Strong Future International) and TripleClicks (also known as SFI Marketing Group)

Overall Ranking: 97 out of 100

Price: Free to Start (Join Here)

Owner: Gery Carson

Website: sfimg.com

SFI and TripleClicks OverviewStrong Future International

SFI (Strong Future International) is a legitimate Internet Affiliate Marketing Company that’s been around 1998. The founder and CEO of this company is Gery Carson. He started out with one product. Now SFI’s e-commerce store, TripleClicks, has over 90,000 products from all over the world. The best part is they’re just scratching the surface of what their potential is during the next ten years. In this SFI and TripleClicks review I will explain why I think this is a great online business opportunity.

A System of Duplication

SFI is not a get rich quick scheme. To achieve success with SFI, you need to have a combination of goals, desire, persistence, patience, and action. It is an Affiliate Network Marketing Company that relies on the system of duplication. You advertise your gateway links to refer new affiliates and build a team. You promote the e-commerce store, TripleClicks. You duplicate by teaching your affiliate downline to do the same.

Compensation Plan (at a quick glance)compensation plan

To understand the SFI compensation plan, you must first understand the CV (Commission Volume). Every product at the TripleClicks store has a CV value. That is the difference between the products wholesale cost and the price the product sells for. It’s the commission for that product.

  1. Direct Commissions – Each time an affiliate that you have personally sponsored or a TripleClicks member that you have personally referred places a TripleClicks order, you earn 45% of the CV.
  2. TripleClicks Executive Pool – 40% of the CV of every purchase – company wide – goes into the TripleClicks Executive Pool for the affiliates to share. For each VersaPoint you accumulate during the month, you will receive one share of the month’s pool. VersaPoints are earned by doing a wide variety of actions. You can even earn more shares by becoming a Team Leader.   
  3. Co-Sponsor Commissions – Each time an SFI affiliate that you are the co-sponsor of places an order at TripleClicks, you earn 15% of the CV.
  4. TCredit Bonus – TCredits act as TripleClicks currency that allow you to take full advantage of your TripleClicks member benefits. Use TCredits for member listings, to bid on Pricebender Auctions, to participate in contests, play games and more.
  5. ECA Referral Program – Make referrals to the TripleClicks E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program and earn VersaPoints and lucrative royalties for life!
  6. SFI Pay-Per-Action – Up to $10.00 for each qualified sign-up.

Free Sign-Up and Trainingsuccess depends on you

SFI provides everything you need to get started for free. You are never required to purchase anything, although if you invest a little money at first, you will advance more quickly to a level that will ultimately earn you more money. This is totally up to you and you are under no obligation. There is extensive free training and all the marketing tools you need to build a very successful online business with little or no start up costs as you can do it through commissions from selling at TripleClicks.


  • Work from home, or as you travel, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Over 90,000 products at TripleClicks you can earn money on.thumbs up for SFI
  • Free to start, never any obligation.
  • No experience necessary.
  • Free extensive training.
  • Earn money worldwide (in over 190 countries).
  • Go at your own pace.
  • Plenty of marketing tools.
  • Multiple ways to earn money.
  • Pricebenders Penny Auctions.
  • Pays monthly on time.
  • Rock-Solid Track Record.
  • Profit-sharing program


  • There’s so much to learn at first that it can be overwhelming. Try to take your time absorbing all the information and training.
  • Some items at TripleClicks are overpriced.
  • If you order something with international shipping, sometimes it can take a while for you to get your order.
  • It takes time and patience to build a downline. It’s not a get rich quick scheme.
  • When you’re new, it can be challenging to support your downline when you’re learning too.

Who Is SFI and TripleClicks For?

  • Anyone who wants a profitable online business opportunity.
  • Anyone who wants to work from home.
  • People who want a second income.
  • People who don’t like their current job.
  • Anyone who wants to be their own boss.
  • Disabled people.
  • Stay at home Moms or Dads.
  • Retired people.
  • Unemployed people.
  • Business owners who want a place to sell products online.

SFI Tools and Trainingtraining

  • SFI and TripleClicks has plenty of marketing tools like banners, text ads, e-cards, car magnets, Facebook tools, splash pages, flyers, wearables, and post cards.
  • A huge list of gateway links to advertise.
  • Extensive training.
  • Getting started training.
  • Launchpad lessons.
  • SFI News.
  • SFI Weekly Newsletter.
  • What’s New at TripleClicks monthly editions.
  • Affiliate tips.
  • Reference and glossary.

SFI and TripleClicks Support

  • Help from your sponsor, co-sponsor, and others in your upline.
  • Forum with in-depth discussions on thousands of categories.
  • A support ticket system.
  • Phone support.
  • Ask Gery (the owner).

SFI and TripleClicks Price: – Free to get started and never any obligation. You purchase only if you want to. (Join Here)

SFI and TripleClicks Final Opinion/Verdict

I am an Executive Affiliate with SFI and TripleClicks for over 3 years now. Since SFI launched in 1998, it has been providing anyone who’s willing to work, an online business opportunity from the comfort of their home. If you ever wanted to be your own boss, work from home, or just make more money, I’d love to work with you. Note that SFI provides everything you need to get started FREE! Join my SFI Team Today by clicking on the banner below.

I would also like to share with you where to get 2 FREE Websites with all the training you need to set them up. You can use them to promote SFI and TripleClicks, a favorite hobby you have, or any other business. Please read my Wealthy Affiliate Review for all the details.

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