What Is In The Headline? 23 Latest Tips Disclosed To You!

What Is In The HeadlineThe most important part of your content is what is in the headline. If it doesn’t scream out “Read Me”, then you won’t get very many readers.

It has to be captivating and grab attention! It’s the secret to bringing 80% more visitors to your site. Write an intriguing headline that entices your readers and you will get more customers to your site.

It is also important that your keyword phrase be somewhere included in the headline. We’ll be looking at some ideas of the latest tips to writing powerful headlines here in this post.

Include Your Keyword Phrase Somewhere, Preferably At The Beginning Of Your HeadlineWhat Is In The Headline

As a rule of thumb, you should definitely have your keyword phrase included in your headline, the name of the post. Make sure your keyword phrase is also once in the first paragraph of your introduction.

Make sure this keyword phrase makes sense in the sentence. Even though people type in search terms that don’t make sense, Google frowns upon it when it’s in your headline. We have to keep Google happy. It’s a major part of our succeeding.

23 Latest Tips Disclosed To You!

  1. Include numbers in your headlines.What Is In The Headline
  2. If you’re writing a step-by-step guide, Have less than 10 steps.
  3. Write a headline about Tips or Tricks on a certain subject.
  4. Use words like secrets or strategies.
  5. Give people ideas or ways to accomplish something.
  6. Make sure your headline conveys something useful.
  7. Try to make it meet your audience’s needs.
  8. Make sure it’s easy to understand.
  9. Include a hyphen, colon or question mark in your headline.
  10. Do not include a “$” sign in your headline.
  11. Use lots of words, but limit it to 62 characters or less.
  12. Give them a reason to “Read On” with a sense of urgency.
  13. Be specific and don’t beat around the bush.
  14. Be Unique.
  15. “How To” headlines attract attention.
  16. “Simple Steps”, or “Simple Ways”, to accomplish something catches the eye.
  17. Writing about “Facts”, draws people in.
  18. “Lessons”, grab people. Everyone wants to learn.
  19. “Free”, is a great attention grabber.
  20. People like things that are “Fun”.
  21. Target a “Specific Group”, of people in your headline. Example: “Newbies”, “Beach Lovers”, “College Students”, “Stay At Home Moms/Dads”, “Seniors”, etc.
  22. Use odd numbers instead of even.
  23. Just give them a reason “Why” to click!

A Couple Headline Analyzers To Help You Write The Perfect HeadlineWhat Is In The Headline

Before I stumbled upon a “Headline Analyzer”, my headlines were basically very boring. I was more interested in the keywords that attracted the visitors. Well I found out differently. It doesn’t really matter about keywords if it’s not interesting to begin with, no one will even get past your headline.

So, what you need to do is try to get the best of both worlds. You need a keyword phrase with high traffic and low competition included into a headline that grabs the reader’s attention. Here’s a couple links to “Headline Analyzers” I’ve started using that I find very helpful and I would like to pass them on to you.

They are free:



If you need help generating a headline, try these:




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