Peter Popoff Fraud: Attention! Current Scam Exposed To You!

Peter Popoff’s “Free Miracle Spring Water” could end up being very costly if you fall for the tricks he’s got up his sleeve. He scams so many people, he can afford to have a TV show to scam more people. After repeatedly getting exposed, the Peter Popoff Fraud is back. Please don’t fall for it. He’s a deceitful, lying, con man. He’ll keep mailing you letters asking for money. He’ll promise miracles but you will get nothing in return.

His Famous Free Miracle Spring Water

I saw him on a late night TV commercial. There were testimonials of people saying they received lots of money after receiving Peter Popoffs Free Miracle Spring Water. I didn’t write the number down right away but started thinking about it.

The next time I saw the commercial, I jotted down the 1-800 number. Then I decided to give it a try. When I called, I got a recording asking my name and the address to send this Free Miracle Spring Water to.

A week or so later, I got the first letter. He was asking for $27.57 to be sent to plant the seed and watch it grow to $27,057.00! That’s when I got online and started checking into him. I found out what a terrible, fraudulent con man he really is.Miracle Spring Water

He’s On TV And Sounds Extremely Believable And Real

Peter Popoff TV showNow I notice he has TV shows. I didn’t waste my time watching it. I already know it’s a scam. Although I did catch a little bit of one of his shows before I quickly changed the channel. He was ranting and raving about healing people.

Can you imagine how many people he’s scammed? It costs a lot of money to run a TV show or even a TV commercial. I’d be willing to bet you could even buy DVD’s on him.

He stoops really low on some of his TV shows. He has been caught having people who can already walk, rise out of wheelchairs miraculously like he healed them!

This Isn’t His First Time Around

The Peter Popoff Fraud started in the 1980’s. He was exposed and went bankrupt in 1987. He would have his wifePeter Popoff Fraud Elizabeth interview people and send information to him via wireless radio. Then he would act like he randomly chose these people from the audience and accurately state their illnesses, addresses, names of their relatives, and so on. He claimed it was “God’s given ability” that allowed him to know this.

Again, he resurfaced in 2005 despite his prior exposure. He was caught again in 2007. But that didn’t stop him. He’s back!

He’s got a website that claims, “With God all things are possible.” “God will bring you out of lack, sickness, discouragement, and fear.” “Into green pastures where milk and honey flows.”

He’s on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Please, if you happen to stumble upon him… don’t be fooled. He is extremely believable.

Please know, this is a deceitful lying con man using God’s name to put money in his pocket. Tell everyone you know. Especially inform seniors, disabled people, and anyone you think might be vulnerable to this.

If you don’t believe me check it out at Wikipedia:

He Sends Letters Of Wild Miracle Stories Asking You For Money

Take a look at all these letters I received:Peter Popoff Letters

Peter Popoff Letters

Peter Popoff Letters

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Please leave your comments, questions, and thoughts below in the comments section. If you have a scam you’d like to share, I would love to hear it and pass it along. No one likes to get scammed!

20 thoughts on “Peter Popoff Fraud: Attention! Current Scam Exposed To You!

    1. Hi Joanne,
      I know. I can’t believe he’s getting away with it! Some stations don’t allow fowl language but they allow this kind of bologna! Maybe it would take one of the T.V. stations family to get ripped off for them to see the light of how awful this is.
      Best Regards,

  1. I don’t understand if the TV stations has all the information about Peter Popoff and his scams and frauds then why do they continue to air his broadcast. To me they are as guilty as he is.

    1. Hi Bishop Richard Hackley,
      You have a very good point. Maybe if there were numerous complaints or someone turned him in to the officials it would make a difference.
      Best Regards,

    2. I don’t understand why the authority allows him to continue to take money from people based on lies and deceit.Fraud is fraud

      1. Hi Ella,
        I agree. It’s a mystery to me too. I guess as long as he pays for his time on air, he can do anything on his show?? Why doesn’t someone stop him?
        Best Regards,

  2. Yeah fortunately Peter Popoff it’s on the same channel of dr. Stanley and tomorrow’s world I watch every Sunday sometimes I’ll put on the channel they come on but be too early and Peter Popoff well beyond and sometimes I will watch it just to educate me more and to show how desperate people are for healing and money and those same people or more likely be deceived by Antichrist who says he’s Jesus a course which is after the second coming of Christ not the faults Christ also does make me sick my stomach when we all know life is hard enough but to take someone’s money and there hope especially if they already have nothing and I could be there last resort but this guy don’t seem to care special the person who realize later on they work on by this man and not knowing those people already have motional problems and decided to take their own life so I will say this prayer dear Lord Jesus I pray that Peter Popoff will be exposed again to the point that will lead him into lawsuits and Destroy his TV Ministry and that you will deal with him when he is Judge and standing in front of your throne amen Bill Alvarez

    1. Amen!
      I will be praying with you Bill that when he get’s judged, he will be dealt with. Thank you for your comment and Happy Holiday’s to you!
      Best Regards,

    2. People out there please read this carefully for years and years and years I have gone ahead and sent money to Peter pop off and I have never received and Markel ever I have just found out by several reporters that this man is a total fraud he has been exposed and he is claim bankruptcy he gets in at least $23 million a year he gives himself $600,000 a year then he gives his wife and kids another $600,000 year he lives in a $2.3 million home he drives around in $100,000 Porsche a reporter went ahead and went up to him and almost slammed the report his hand in the door all he wanted to do was just talk to he didn’t even want to talk. So please do not send anymore money to this fraud he’s a fake he’s only in it for the money he doesn’t care about you and all he cares about is him and his family and on how much money he can get from mice no more. Just saying no more to him. God bless you all and may God watch over you.

      1. Hi Vicki,
        Thank you for your input on this subject. So sorry you had to lose money first to this awful scam before you found out the truth about Peter Popoff. I hope people will read this before they get caught up in his scam. He is an evil man and someday he will have to answer to God for all of this.
        Best Regards,

  3. He will tell you give twice never again until you receive your money. How ever the letters. asking for money never stop coming . Fake, fraud, con man and evil devil . Don t fall for this deal he will lie to you every time ! Should be in jail and make restitution people who have been scammed .

    1. Hi Thomas,
      You’re right. I don’t know how he gets away with it for so long. I saw him on T.V. last night with his scam offering the miracle water. Please don’t anyone fall for this. He will take your money and you will get nothing!
      Best Regards,

  4. God does not get involved woth money. Salvation is free and noone needs miracle water with cash demand for prayer. God is free. Prayers are free. Popoff is a fraudster living off the poor. He needs jailtime!

    1. Hi Angela,
      I agree with you completely. He’s got a lot of nerve using God like that. In the end, I think God will give him what he deserves.
      Best Regards,

  5. Is he the guy on TV that says send $5,000 to Plant the Seed…even if it’s your last $5,000? And your biggest ‘need’ will be fulfill tenfold? That guy makes me nauseous every time I hear his voice. It should be illegal!!!

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Yes, that’s him! He’s even been caught before but he’s at it again! I can’t even believe he’s not caught again already.
      Best Regards,

  6. “He’s On TV And Sounds Extremely Believable And Real”

    Ummmm… no… no he doesn’t. Only a complete moron would fall for anything remotely this stupid. Not just any kind of average moron, but the kind that has an extra chromosome or two. While I appreciate you trying to warn such people about this scam, let’s not pretend anyone with an IQ over 50 needs this warning…

    1. Hi Billy,
      Thank you for you’re input on the Peter Popoff scam. Sad as it is, many people are falling for it. He wouldn’t be able to afford a T.V. show if there wasn’t. I believe it’s not a matter of IQ. It’s because he’s using God and religion to gain trust and has a lot of people testifying on his behalf. He’s probably paying them to say that it really works. I even fell for it and called the number before I checked into it to find out more. That’s why I wrote the post to warn others.
      Thank you again for your input.
      I wish you the best,

    1. Hi Sam,
      Yes, I get mail from him all the time. Trying to scam me and literally thousands of others out of their money. I just wanted to make people aware because he has a record of this. Thank you for your comment.
      Take care,

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