Newest Phone Scam Alert!

newest phone scam alert

I’d like to share the Newest Phone Scam Alert with you so that you’re not the next victim.

Here’s how it goes…

“Hello, Hello?”

Then you say, “Hello?”

Then they say, “Hello?… can you hear me?”

Then you say, “Yes”. Then you’ve become the victim. They have recorded you saying “Yes”.

It can come from any phone number, even a local one because they can spoof the number. It can be an actual personphone scam alert or a computer generated call.

They then use your voice saying “Yes” to enroll you in some type of unauthorized purchase or service on your credit card.

They don’t even need your credit card number. They call the credit card company and have your voice recorded saying “Yes” to a payment arrangement. When you try to dispute it they have you recorded saying “Yes”.

What will they think of next???

If someone calls you and says “Hello, Hello?… can you hear me? Whatever you do… don’t say “Yes”.

They are now even getting smarter to it by asking other “Yes” questions. Like for example: “Are you a homeowner?” “Are you over 18 years old?” “Are you the man/woman of the house?”

The best way to avoid this is to block telemarketer and robocalls. Another way is to let all numbers you are nottelemarketer scam alert familiar with go into your voicemail. If you do answer a call like this, as soon as you are aware that it might be the scam… hang up the phone.

Just wanted to let you in on this newest phone scam alert.

One more tip:

Government agencies do not call you on the phone. If you get a phone call from someone saying they are the IRS, Social Security, Department of Motor Vehicles or the court system… hang the phone up immediately. This is also a scam.  Government agencies always contact you by mail.

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