Is Ojooo A Scam?

Is Ojooo A ScamLet me tell you a story about Ojooo, AKA Wad.Ojooo. I’ll try to be nice because I’m a nice person but please don’t allow yourself to become a victim of their scam. I almost didn’t want to write this post because I’m not the type of person to down someone else’s site or business but you just have to hear it. I don’t want anyone else to lose like I did and so many others. So the Answer to the question, Is Ojooo A Scam?, is YES! If you don’t believe me, read on for the proof!

People Have Been Waiting Years For Payments!

There were pages and pages of people waiting for YEARS for their money owed to them. I was owed money since July 12, 2014. It’s now June 24, 2017. Three years later and I will never see my money. They said we would not get our money if we weren’t active. Being active is clicking on at least 4 ads per day. So everyday you had to click on ads to stay active just to anxiously wait and see if you were one of the selected few that got paid. They selected to pay a few just to keep others on a string and to say “we are paying”. They said they had money problems but they were working on it. 

They Pay In The Beginning To Gain Your Trust

is ojooo a scamThey paid us small amounts that was owed to us in the beginning but then as the amounts got larger they delayed the payments. They said we would all get paid but we didn’t. They said if we didn’t post on their Forum that we had successful payments (of the small amounts of dollars that they did pay us before the delayed payments) then we is ojooo a scamwouldn’t even be considered for payment. I feel that their way of handling business was outrageous to say the least!

It’s a PTC site with other offers to make small amount of cash. You can also rent referrals and earn on their clicks as well. I had a downline and was an upgraded member for a while building my way to more and more money by keeping on reinvesting and renting more referrals from them. Then they stopped paying and I lost everything I reinvested plus more! Not to mention my time involved was also lost.

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Now They Are Setting You Up For More Ripoffs

Now all of a sudden there’s a new face to the whole site. When you login to keep active hoping you will get what’s owed to you there is a notice. It says anyone who is still waiting to get paid has the option to get your money in shares of the company. There was no option to not get shares and get your money. In fact if you didn’t click on opt in for shares to get your money, you couldn’t even get on the site!

Then once you are opted in for shares they inform you that they will pay the shares at 10% of your new payment requests. That amount will be taken off the frozen amount of your shares. They then also tell you there is no way of changing back once you opted in, which was not a choice anyway. I’m not putting any more money into their site to get back what I was already owed! Right! Setting you up for further ripoff, I would say!

is ojooo a scam

is ojooo a scam

is ojooo a scamEnough Is Enough!

In my opinion, they shouldn’t just have people giving them bad reviews. They should be punished with fines and made to pay what they owe and stop doing business completely! Can you feel the anger! Please don’t get involved with them no matter what. It will go good for a while but this is the type of company that will in the end ripoff more people. They’ve done it before and will do it again since they have gotten away with it!

Please all my friends, clients and general public, take notice to this. Do not join them or spend any or your hard earned money with their PTC or any part of their doings! I’m sorry but I just had to let others know. I am not the type of person to run a company down for little mistakes etc. but this, in my book is completely unacceptable!

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If it wasn’t for stumbling upon Wealthy Affiliate to find a real place online to help you learn how to make real money, I would not be where I am today. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. It’s a trusted company that pays it’s affiliates on time. They actually teach you how to build a successful online business so that you can succeed. I’m not even going to include my link to Ojooo because I strongly suggest you not do that!    

Once again, I feel really bad about downing a company like that but they outright ripped off so many people, please stay away from there!

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4 thoughts on “Is Ojooo A Scam?

  1. To be honest, I’ve never really trusted these types of “clicking” programs any way. Ojooo is very similar to MAPS and Traffic Monsoon (now closed down), where you had to click on so many ads per day to be able to qualify for a share of the revenue pool. It’s really to keep everyone active, so the founders rake in a ton of money from the advertisers.

    I’m sorry to hear that you never got paid, and the same thing happened with Traffic Monsoon where the guy would “freeze” payments without any real explanation.

    It seems like the scam artists behind Ojooo used dirty manipulation tactics to ensure their program remained active for the benefit of “their” deep pockets and “self-interests”.

    I’m not usually one for being harsh, but the founders of Wad.Ojooo need locking up for fraud and serviing a lengthy prison sentence. Let’s hope, hey?

    Thanks for exposing these jokers, and hopefully nobody else will waste their time and money with this SCAM of the century!


    1. Hi Neil,
      Yes, I just had to expose them in hopes that somebody else might not fall victim to them. That’s a really dirty trick they played on a lot of people. Especially for so long that they kept promising. I think I’m still in shock or something that a huge business like that could get away with this kind of fraud, that’s exactly what it is! I find myself after 3 years still going to the site almost everyday hoping I’m going to get paid.

      I guess I just got to let it go.

      I almost got talked into Traffic Monsoon a number of times too, but I never bit for it. Thanks for letting me know.
      Hope you’re having a great day!

  2. This is a really really bad program from your insights. All these unethical business should be heavily condemned and penalized. I’m sure they definitely will.

    Thanks for disclosing this to help beginners stay away from scam but what’s this program about? Could you introduce a bit more about the program?

    1. Hi Jerry,
      Yes, it is very unethical and I hope people stay away from this site. I wouldn’t want anyone to get ripped off like I did.

      A little about the program: it’s a paid to click advertising program. The advertisers place the ads and then you can get paid .001 to .005 cents to click on their ads. They also have offers you can do for a few cents like joining different things or joining a survey company. It takes a long time to earn any money there and then for them to hold back your money after you spend all your time there is very frustrating to say the least.

      I wanted people to know about this so they stay away and don’t fall victim to it.
      Wish you the best,

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