Internet Dating Romance Scams Can Be Costly

Internet Dating Romance Scams Can Be CostlyIs there someone you’ve met on a social site that just has all the right things to say to make you feel comfortable, loved and beautiful. Is it to a point that it just seems a little too good to be true? Don’t become a victim of one of the many Internet Dating Romance Scams that are out there.

Beware, and learn what to look for to detect this and nip it in the bud before it becomes costly and  dangerous! Men and women are equally at risk. They usually prey on vulnerable, lonely and elderly people. They are experienced and know the right questions to ask and can rarely be traced.

Their main goal is only to rip you off!Internet Dating Romance Scams Can Be Costly

It’s really a shame when we have people using other people’s images, like wealthy, famous people, army officers, soldiers, and just anyone’s image to make up a scam to get money from you by romancing you online. It’s almost always not their own image.

It happens quite frequently and you could become a victim. It almost happened to me. I still get frequent stalkers trying to be my friend on Facebook. I’m not sure if it’s the same person or not from a different site. I think he/they have started to give up in the last few weeks. Although I had another one today. I just changed my Facebook privacy to only my friends can read my posts.

I was getting 4-5 new men requesting friendship every other day or so. He/they just made new accounts on Facebook the week or day before which made it look so suspicious. I think it could be the same person from a different site that I had conversations with before. He may have found me on Facebook.  

The reason I say he/they is because it really is a They. Using a false picture to lure you in, portraying a he or a she, makes everyone at risk. I’ve found out that they are so experienced in this that it is their full time job. They usually live or are stationed far away and will be home soon. Like taking on the personality of a military officer, soldier, overseas worker, etc. and they can’t wait to get home.   

Internet Dating Romance Scams Can Be CostlyThey/he or she knows just the right questions to ask to make you feel comfortable. Then they keep prying until they get to know you enough to set up the perfect love and dream of your life with things that can really only happen in the best of situations.

They promise so you so much. They lead you to believe that this fantasy will happen when they finally meet you and you are together. Then there is a problem with the meeting. They need money for some great big difficulty. They’ve been robbed or hurt. Their money is tied up somewhere at the last minute and they need airfare. Anything that requires you to send money to them is where you become a victim if you fall for it.

How To Learn To Detect These Scams

If you are on a social site and a stranger asks for friendship, check their profile. If they don’t look like they have a long profile with years of info and they look like they just joined or updated their profile picture yesterday, or within the last week or so, “Big Red Flag!”

Right click on their profile picture and click on “Search Google For Image”. If you see the same picture with a different name for the person, “Big Red Flag!”

If a stranger takes a fast liking to you and starts to ask you a lot of personal questions, “Red Flag!” It could start out something like this: You are so beautiful in your picture can we get to know each other a little more?

Most of the time when you do a “Search Google For Image”, it will show you if any other complaints have been made on this picture. It will have the label of a romance scammer within the search results. Then you will know for sure.

Some of them are really slick though. They have chosen a picture and a name that checks out when you search it on Google. The warning sign is, if it seems like your dream come true, “Red Flag!”

Here’s another common scam. They might say they are going to send you money in the form of a check. They’ll ask you to cash the check and keep half for you and send or wire the rest to a friend of theirs. This scam can happen in a romance scam or other types of scams. The check will be fake and you will be liable for paying back the money back to the bank.  

Please don’t give your personal information, such as address or other details, especially bank account or credit card account numbers. Don’t wire anyone any money. Don’t email them or send pictures of yourself with friends and family members. Internet Dating Romance Scams Can Be Costly

These people prey on vulnerable, lonely, and elderly, people the most. Remember they only want money. Everyone should be on guard and look out for others you know and spread the word so these people do not hurt you or your family, friends and loved ones!

Devastating Results Can Evolve From The Scam!

If you detect you’re being scammed, don’t let your scammer know that you’re onto them. Just avoid any further contact.

I have read that if the scammer realizes that they won’t be getting any money (or any more money), they will threaten to send pictures and emails to people you know, your family and workplace.

Internet Dating Romance Scams Can Be CostlyThey may say they are really sorry they did it but that now they have actually fallen in love with you. They may try to get you to meet them. This is very dangerous!

These people that are doing these scams are not working on a home computer. They are at internet cafes which makes it almost impossible to trace them.

They use false pictures of real people and you will not know what they really look like. They could be in your neighborhood near your house and walk by you and try to start a conversation and you wouldn’t know it was that online scammer.

To make it even more devastating there are even fake investigators online. They will tell you they can find the scammer and ask you to pay them for their services. The fact is, these scammers are so smart, they are untraceable so you’ve just wasted more of your money.

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2 thoughts on “Internet Dating Romance Scams Can Be Costly

  1. The romance angle is the toughest .I believe they pry on a caring heart . An try to get people to send them money. There pictures seem to be always very hot looking women or men . I find they fall in love so quickly. Witch is impossible ! Trying to get you to send them money or telling you about a gov. Program that you can win mega bucks in a lotto . Offers are for 1,000 you receive 50,000 for 2,000 you will 90,000 and so on. The people where you have to send the money are known scammers . Money gram will tell you and so will western union. There other method is for a person to send the money in a check thru ups or FedEx . To another individual who has a extensive record . I believe they use front people who push a person into doing the lotto game or there grant system . Be very careful these people evil !!

    1. Hi Thomas,
      Yes, these people are evil. Beware of the one where they send you a check and tell you to cash it and keep some for yourself and send the rest in a western union to another person. These checks look real and the bank will cash them before they find out they are fake accounts. You will lose all the money that you sent in the western union and get charged for a bounced check too! Be careful.
      Best Regards,

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