How To Make Money At Home With The SFI Affiliate Center

How To Make Money At Home With The SFI Affiliate CenterAre you thinking about starting a home business and not sure where to begin? With just a computer and a few hours a week, you can learn how to make money at home with the SFI Affiliate Center!

Millions of people all over the world are making money online. Start your home business on a rock-solid base! Consider teaming up with us. SFI has shown millions of men and women from over 200 countries in the world how to make money online. In fact the system is so successful, over 8,000 people join every week!

My first and most important Job Is To Help You

When you join my team, know that you will have a committed partner and mentor. I will be ready to assist you in any way I can. That means that I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you become successful…because I’m successful only if my affiliates are.

At SFI We Have A System Of DuplicationHow To Make Money At Home With The SFI Affiliate Center

We’re not going to insult your intelligence with promises of riches overnight. That just doesn’t happen. In SFI, “duplication” is the action of generating Personally Sponsored Affiliates, PSAs for short, in your downline and teaching them to do the same. For example: you acquire 5 active PSAs, who you then teach to acquire 5 each of their own active PSAs and so on (up to 12 levels in SFI). Each PSA must build their own team to succeed in generating a long-term, residual income.

The Ultimate Jewel Is VersaPoints Matching

To create a huge monthly income you lead and grow a team of active SFI affiliates to tap into the ultimate jewel in SFI’s compensation plan–VersaPoints Matching. VersaPoints Matching means that every month you can get matching shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool on every affiliate under you within up to 12 generations downline. Many SFI affiliates earn thousands of matching shares each month on the activities of hundreds of affiliates! More on this in depth, later.

The New And Exciting Opti-Build Has Arrived!How To Make Money At Home With The SFI Affiliate Center

Something new and exciting has started at SFI April 1, 2017. It’s called Opti-Build, a new chapter in SFI. Opti-Build is now assisting thousands of affiliates to “build optimally” and empowering them to automatically follow The Diamond Plan. Opti-Build helps you actively and automatically build this 5×5 “dream team,” and every member of your team, too!  You can learn all about when you join for free.

Test Drive SFI For Free As Long As You Want

As soon as you’re ready, we’re going to give you full access to free online training and everything you need to know to make money online. Do as little or as much with SFI as you want for as long as you want…and without ever any cost or obligation. Sample as many of our hundreds of powerful free business tools and resources as you want. You can go fast or go slow. It doesn’t matter to us. You can kick our tires or take off running with it! It’s up to you.

Super Deals At The TripleClicks StoreHow To Make Money At Home With The SFI Affiliate Center

SFI’s TripleClicks store is stocked with over 90,000 exciting products for you to stock your online shelves with. Plus they take care of all the orders, shipments and customer service for you. You just have to collect the commissions! You can start earning right away! Browse the store HERE.

Reach Millions Global With E-Commerce Associates

Become an E-Commerce Associate, ECA for short, and sell your own products at SFI’s TripleClicks store. Put the marketing muscle of over 1 million SFI Affiliates to work for you selling your products. Also, refer companies that sell products to your ECA Gateway, and for each ECA approved, you’ll earn up to 10% of the CV (Commission Volume) on all of their sales at TripleClicks for life! To learn more about the ECA Program go HERE.

PriceBenders Penny Auctions Are Rewarding And Fun!

PriceBenders Penny Auctions allow you to bid on and win hot, name brand products for a fraction of the retail price (typically more than 90% off)! Every auction starts at just one cent, with the price going up by just one cent more for each bid placed. The result is usually a jaw-dropping low price! Learn more HERE.

Do You Want To Know Something Really Scary?How To Make Money At Home With The SFI Affiliate Center

The U.S. Social Security Board reports that 85 out of 100 Americans reaching age 65 don’t possess as much as $250. And only 2% are self-sustaining (the rest dependent on family, church, or the government)! Want to know what the “2-percenters” know that you don’t? See HERE.

Rating Of A+ From The Better Business Bureau

We are a highly-rated 17 year Bronze Member of the Better Business Bureau. Some of the biggest and best companies in the world can’t claim this prestigious honor! But we can, and you can verify it right HERE.

Please don’t take my word for it. Go HERE and see some of the 8,560 testimonials from people just like you that Love SFI so much that they had to write us and tell us why.

Aim High, Dream Big And Join Me And My SFI Team Today!

There is so much more to say about how to make money at home with the SFI Affiliate Center. I could write a book. Join Me And My SFI Team Today and see what all the excitement’s about! Take your time, look around and enjoy the journey. It’s free to join, so what are you waiting for? Join HERE or click on the banner below. I look forward to meeting you and working with you! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.To Your Ultimate Success


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