How To Search For A Keyword

how to search for a keywordA keyword is a term someone types into Google when they’re looking for something. When you own a website, your goal is to get ranked high in a Google search by a keyword or phrase. The process of finding a keyword or keyword phrase is not that difficult. You’ll want to learn how to search for a keyword that has a lot of traffic with low competition. This will give you the best results for your business and website.

There is a technique to help you find keyword ideas. It’s called Alphabet Soup. You can watch a short video about it here: The Alphabet Soup Technique. This will give you an idea of the popular keywords people are searching for within your niche.

Keyword Tool Generator

Keywords are going to be such a big aspect of your business that you are going to want to have access to a keyword tool generator to find the best ones. At Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to one for free.

Keyword Tool Generator

Included in this keyword tool are the keywords taken from all the major search engines. Then the monthly searches followed by the expected traffic for a ranking near the top in Google.

Keyword Tool Generator

You’ll also be able to see the exact competition for that keyword phrase.

You’ll want to have keywords relevant to your post that make sense. Sometimes people type things into Google that don’t make sense. That doesn’t mean you should use those keywords. Use ones that make sense for the best ranking.

Next, you’ll be creating content around the keyword phrase and hoping to get a high ranking in Google and other search engines. Try not to over stuff the keywords into your content. Google does not like that and your content won’t get ranked. You only need 1 keyword or keyword phrase per post. You’ll want to use it in your title and somewhere in the first paragraph.

high ranking in Google


Why Keyword Research is Important

Keyword research is important because that’s how people and search engines find your site. You want the keywords to be relevant to the content. Otherwise, you won’t get people that are looking for what you have to offer to your site.

If your keyword is too broad, there may be lots of traffic but not targeted to what it is you have. That’s why it’s best to use keyword phrases.

If the competition is too high, you may not even get ranked in Google and the other search engines. If no one can see your content, then you won’t make any sales or have any customers.

Do your keyword research. It can mean the difference between success and failure!

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