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In order to succeed with your online business you need traffic. If you’re like most people starting out, you don’t want to spend money on advertising. You need to know how to get targeted traffic for your website free. There’s a lot of ways to get free traffic but if it’s not targeted at your niche, it won’t do you much good.Get Targeted Traffic For Your Website FREE

Ranking high in the search engines and having your website on page 1 is one of the best ways to go about this. In order to be on page 1 in Google or any other search engine you need to strategically take the time to do your keyword or keyword phrase research. You will also need to produce really interesting content on a regular basis.

Make sure you use keywords or keyword phrases that not only have a high number of searches but are low inHow To Search For A Keyword competition. At Wealthy Affiliate there is an awesome free keyword tool you can use or you can use Google’s keyword planner or any of the other free keyword tools available. Just do a search for “free keyword tool” and you will come up with many of them.

It’s also very important that your keyword or phrase makes sense in a sentence. You wouldn’t want to use a keyword like “get traffic your website”. Instead you would want to use “get traffic for your website”. That is just an example. You will have to search to find something that fits the particular page/post you’re writing. Then make sure to use the keyword or phrase in the title of your page/post and somewhere in the first paragraph. Do not over use your keyword because that’s called “keyword stuffing” and Google does not like it.  

How To Get Free Targeted Trafficpainting niche

  • If your website is about painting or crafts, then you need to find out where the people are hanging out online that are interested in that. Get involved in the community of people that make up that niche. Find the best websites, blogs, and forums. Answer questions people may have and leave a link to your website.
  • If you’re recruiting people who want to work from home and you want to place a free classified ad in the Business Opportunities section. Don’t search for “Free Classified Ads”. If you do you will get just that…free classified ads. People who are looking for work from home opportunities do not search for free classified ads, they search for work from home opportunities. Do a search of “Work From Home Opportunities” and see what the people who are searching for that will get and that’s where you want to place your ads, answer questions, and become the authority on your subject.
  • If you want to put your post on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ join some groups in your niche and post there. You will get a lot more action then if you just post to the general public. Find someone successful in that niche and target the people following that niche. Connect with the people who are interested in your niche.
  • Join online discussion boards and forums in your targeted niche. Just do a search of “your niche” forum or discussion board and you will come up with lots of them to join and answer questions and become the expert that people go to to ask questions. Leave your link but do not spam people. Make sure to read the rules of the site before you start.
  • Post ads on Craigslist, Oodle Marketplace, Backpage, Ebay Classifieds, and Geebo .
  • Write articles for E-zine, GoArticles, ArticleCity, Buzzle, ArticleBiz and other article marketing sites that let you leave your link within your article.
  • Exchange links with other webmasters in the same niche. Help each other out.

Need Some Coaching?need some coaching

  • Do you own a business and want to sharpen your skills and get some online training about website building.
  • Do you have a passion or hobby you’d like to turn into a thriving online business.
  • Do you want to understand the process of keyword research and learn how to get your website ranking on page 1 of a Google search?
  • Would you like 2 free websites with free hosting and training to get them set up today?
  • Would you like to learn more about how to get targeted traffic for your website?

Take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review and see if you might like join as a free member today. The training is priceless and the community of experts, the owners and I will be there for you to answer any questions to help and support you as you build your successful online business.

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4 thoughts on “Get Targeted Traffic For Your Website FREE

  1. Hi Gina,

    I did not consider posting ads on Craigslist to drive free traffic to my site. Thanks to your post, I am going to do just that. You have a lot of good information in here that are really helpful.

    1. Hi Norma,
      Thank you. I always post on craigslist. One thing I heard in an article is that Craigslist only allows you to post 3 of the same kind of ad in different locations per day. They also like you to stay within your geographical area, meaning the list of cities on the page where you find your city. I wish you the best success!

  2. Wow, thanks a lot for this post. You have explained well about how to get targeted traffic. Yep, of course it is from search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing by creating good content. But I was confuse about the whole process and now you showed us the best place to get training on that. Thank you very much for suggesting Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Deraj,
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get training on how to get targeted traffic to your website, keyword research, building a website, ranking on page 1 in a Google search and a whole lot more. You can also join as a free member to check it out and stay a free member as long as you want. Hope to see you over there.
      Best wishes,

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